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Life Creates Art sets the stage for all creativity and

inspiration to happen! It is taking your life, and the story of your life and turning it into great art. 

Find hope, strength, power and then create an amazing MASTERPIECE out of your life! New discovery in life and in art!

But I don't stop there...

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On my YouTube channel I teach and inspire artists at any level to see things differently, and always keep moving forward.

With my Life Creates Art events you can get hands on with art, side by side with others, and be inspired to live your best life!

Check out my own art that I love, my affirmation art

that will build your life.

Then there are books that will help you go deep and be victorious, and the “Agoo and the Monkey” books to help your children dream. The Blog hopefully will inspire you, make you laugh, think, or

even all three!

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Make Your Life an utter Masterpiece!!




An Artist for 28 years, Shelly’s art has been displayed throughout Northern and Southern California, the greater Northwestern United States, and the East Coast. She is a dedicated fan of Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo’s works but has spent years developing and finding her own unique and vibrant voice. Shelly believes that creativity opens the heart and clears the mind and all people should be doing something creative each day. Shelly is a mother of 5 amazing humans and three beautiful grand children. She has a transgender parakeet named Baby Bird, and she and Jason have the famous kitty Sheldon. She has a Bible School Certification in Religious Studies from Rhema Bible School and has been a Minister for 11 years. She has worked in the funeral business for several years as well, therefore through ministry and funeral work, she had opportunity to counsel a great deal of individuals. She has been public speaking (and fell in love with it) since she was 11 years old and stood in front of her 7th grade class to give her speech to be elected Vice President of the class (she won!). Although she is no longer a part of a church affiliation, she maintains her ministerial ordination. She is, however, a Certified Art Therapy Life Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and a pretty down to earth woman. She believes that everyone, like her, has a story to tell. Everyone has a story of courage and victory that will inspire others.