By Shelly Livingston

Illustrated by Zender Canizales

Children's Book ages 2 and Up

Agoo and The Monkey live in a magical Forest called Coco Forest.

The wind smells of peppermint, and the bluebirds sing and the trees dance.

Each day these two friends go out into the forest singing the "It's a Great Day" song, and seek after adventure in the most creative ways. As a adult, their discoveries will take you back to a time in your childhood when the simple things gave you utter enjoyment. For your child, they will be whisked away with joy, laughter, dance, learning, exploration, and silliness. And on many of the pages throughout the book, your child will be able to interact with, and answer questions from Agoo and the Monkey. 

Through all of Agoo and the Monkey's explorations of Coco Forest and beyond, they also teach, acceptance, obedience, moderation, and good habits!  

Come foster curiosity again and join Agoo and The Monkey on their explorations!

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Did you know that Agoo is a real bear?

And that The Monkey is a real boy? 

That's right! when my youngest son, Andrew, was just a baby, I used to call him "Monkey". Then I bought him his very first teddy bear, which he named "Agoo" because that was the way Andrew talked at the time "Goo-goo-agaa-gooagooo". A few years down the road, Andrew would want me to tell him stories. so I would make up stories about the adventures that he and Agoo would have discovering, and having fun with simple, everyday objects. 

So one day, a book was formed, then two, then three...

Agoo and the The Monkey is born.


Join the PRIVATE Facebook Group "Agoo and The Monkey's Adventures" and hear directly from Agoo and The Monkey themselves! Play games, post your pictures, notes and letters to Agoo and The Monkey! And Learn the "It's a Great Day" song and "The Peppermint Dance"! Both videos are featured there as well as on YouTube "Life Creates Art".

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