Spread Your Wings - Not Germs! The Beginning.

It's comfy. Cozy. I wish I had a fireplace though. Maybe I'll find one on YouTube. Despite the cozy look, I am working, quite diligently, believe it or not.

With this "Sit and Spin", or "Stay and Sleep", or "Stay at Home and Don't Breathe on Anyone" order from the Governor, there is a lot of testosterone in the house. It's raining men! Actually it's not that bad. My hubs and two of my son's are lurking about. I declared a "Family Meeting" yesterday, which had everyone kind of amused. I wanted to check in with everyone and make sure we all respect one another's need for space, privacy, and that we stay creative and active. This is an opportunity to do something you have wanted to do for a long time and never had the time. then I thought it would be fun to play a game together. I asked my son to grab his "Crimes Against Humanity" card game, realizing that I can never get the name of that damn game right. "CARDS Against Humanity" Cards...Cards... Again they were amused but protested as they all wanted to get back to their video gaming. I bribed them with chocolate cake. still a no-go. Even added extra frosting on top. Nope. They just came out of their caves later, grabbed pieces of my creation and scurried like little moles back into their holes. But it makes it okay for me when I hear roars of laughter coming from their rooms constantly.

However I did want to have a quality evening with them so I pouted a little using my Italian mom guilt (totally fake). Nada. I got dinner with them in the family room for out Family Meeting and a promise to play the Crimes/Cards game tomorrow. Compromise!

I found my day to be really productive which i seem to be getting really obsessive about. If I don't accomplish things I feel like I have wasted a precious day when I could be helping someone and reaching more people to help. Yet I have to start somewhere.

I went through my illustrator's art for my children's book soon to be released, I watched "Frozen 2" so I can learn the songs that my 2 year old granddaughter belts out while standing in front of the tv. That way when we go to South Carolina, I can sit next to her and belt out the songs too. That's important stuff.

I watched a webinar on how to market my book, listened to some Tony Robbins, edited my website, created an email blast, and went to the grocery store with my hubby. I wanted to joke around and fake cough and sneeze but thought it wouldn't be a good idea right now. We might get tarred and feathered. So we just breathed on each other and made out in the isles.

Don't forget to laugh a lot. Be silly. Let the child in you escape. Let the giggles come out and play. You will find freedom in that.

The reason I am calling this time Spread Your Wings- Not Germs is because it's a wonderful time for you to discover yourself. Discover how to be alone with you. Face your family. Love them. Honor them. Breathe with them. Work things out with them during this time. Find your peace and your joy. Do something that you have always wanted to do. Be brave!!!!



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