I Wrote a Song!

I wrote a song yesterday. It's a catchy little tune that kids and families can sing. In my new children's book "Agoo and The Monkey- The Beginning" (illustrations by Zender Canizales), Agoo welcomes his day of adventure with an "It's a Great Day" song. So that had to be a real live song.

Rhyming comes easily to me. Yet I realized that I should have pressed on and learned how to actually play the piano my parents bought for me when I was young.

Then I could write out the tune that's in my head. Instead, I have to rely on someone else to write that part.

I started out in 5th grade playing the violin. Learning how to read the notes was a challenge to me. I simply memorized the tune and played it. My Nany Lansing used to say that "playing by ear" was a great skill. Not when you can't read notes though. You still need that skill in order to really flourish.

I had one grand performance with the violin in 5th grade where I had a solo of "Pop Goes the Weasel". Mostly because at the end where it says "Pop!" I stuck my finger in my mouth, stretched out my cheek, and made the pop sound, then returned to finish up the "...goes the weasel" part. The crowd roared and cheered!

Yet once I had completed that proud moment in history, I was done with the violin.

Then I moved to the piano my parents surprised me with for my 4th Birthday. I am pictured here with the gorgeous piano in my Girl Scout uniform. However, upon taking piano lessons, I realized I had no patience for learning how to read notes.

Fact is, it was too hard for me and I gave up.

But this isn't a lesson about giving up. It's really about trying. I am not going to be the next Mr. Rogers, but I can sure as hell try. I can't write songs then sit down at a keyboard and sketch out all the notes, but I can sure as hell try. And maybe having my own convention and t.v. show sounds far fetched, but I can sure as hell try. And along the way, I am doing what I set out to do- touch the hearts of people.

I wrote a song for crying out loud!

When I sang it out loud yesterday, it didn't get the accolades from my family that I received when I popped my finger and soloed with "Pop Goes the Weasel" 40 (or so) years ago. No applause, no cheering. Disappointing. Maybe it was my singing, or maybe they think I am silly (but they didn't write a song, right?). But I believe that someday lots of kids and parents will be singing the "It's a Great Day" song out loud.

People I don't even know.

So try! Why not!? Write a book, write a song, paint a picture, do a LIVE video, make up a dance routine, do yoga, build a LEGO, learn an instrument, finally get your degree...

It doesn't matter how young or how old you are. If we stop trying, we're doomed.

Don't be doomed.

Write the song of your life!

It's a great day!


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