Make Your Life A Masterpiece

Make Your Life A Masterpiece

This book is a heartfelt peek into Shelly's life and past. She shares intimate stories from her life, coupled with bold statements and tough workbook questions. If you commit to the process, it will help you, the participant, heal, grow and flourish.


You will embark on a journey of self discovery using creativity as a part of relieving stress, as Shelly uses her experience as a Certified Art Therapy Coach to guide you.


Come take a deep look at yourself, dive bravely into your past, and break some old habits.Then use those experiences to propel your life into something truly amazing. Open your eyes to a whole new world of exhilaration!


Once you lift those old burdens and find new ways to take control of your life, you will have the Masterpiece you always imagined.  You will feel lighter, changed, and will fall in love with your life.


**This is a workbook. Many questions will be asked about your life that you may not want shared openly. If you answer honestly, you will get the best results for yourself. Therefore, buy a copy for yourself and for another as it's not a good one to share.**